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Innovative cryogen-free superconducting magnets

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HTS-110 designs and manufactures a range of superconducting products including compact cryogen-free fast-ramping and high-field electromagnets, HTS coils and HTS current leads.

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  • Custom Magnets

    Custom magnet design and manufacture draws on HTS-110’s deep experience with HTS solutions to meet real-world demands.

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  • Neutron Scattering

    Neutron scattering has become an indispensable tool for probing the microscopic structure and dynamics over a broad range of length and time scales in quantum and magnetic materials.

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    The HTS-NMR magnet platform provides unrivalled performance for cryogen-free high-resolution NMR spectroscopy in the 200MHz-800MHz range.

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  • SuperCurrent

    The SuperCurrent system provides automated measurement of superconductor critical current as a function of magnetic field, angle, and temperature.

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  • X-Ray

    X-ray is a powerful tool for the study of bulk and nanostructured magnetic materials used in a range of consumer products, from electric cars and cellular phones to magnetic recording disks and spintronic devices.

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Trusted Globally

HTS-110’s global client base includes leading national research institutes including ALBA, ANL, ANSTO, BNL, CAS, FZJ, HZB, ILL, IMRE, JAXA, LNLS, MSL (NZ), NIST, NUS (SSLS), PAL, RAL, RTRI, TATA, TPS, and TUM (FRMII); tier-one data storage companies; metrology equipment manufacturers; and many universities.

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