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ENC24 – Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference

7-11 April, 2024
Asilomar Hotel and Conference Center, California

ENC 2024 - official information

We are proud to be supporting the NMR community by attending the 65h ENC conference. Billed as the premier conference for NMR research, Dr. Donald Pooke will be available for discussion. Are you worried about helium supply? Imagine high resolution NMR spectroscopy with complete freedom from liquid cryogens: think HTS-NMR.

HTS-110 offers field-proven High-Tc superconducting magnets for NMR that require no liquid cryogens – ever. Just plug into the facility power. Compact magnets with very low fringe field that can be sited directly in your chemistry laboratory, even in the fume hood for reaction monitoring experiments, or on-line QA & QC. Magnets for 200, 400, and 600 MHz NMR operation, with industry-standard 54 mm warm bore and interfacing for standard hardware. Also available is a 3 T variable-field magnet with better than 50 ppm uniformity (1 cm DSV) over the field range; featuring a large sample access slot of 25 x 150 mm dimensions, the magnet can be employed with an NMR teslameter for cross-calibration duties or time-domain experiments.

Visit us in Exhibit Booth 10.

HTS-110 has been manufacturing and delivering high Tc superconducting magnets and systems since 2004. You can access a range of commercially proven superconducting products including compact fast-ramping HTS magnets, CryoForge™ HTS coils, CryoSaver™ HTS current leads, and custom magnets or systems.
1B Quadrant Drive, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
PO Box 45146, Waterloo 5042, New Zealand

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