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Introduction of HTS wire technology means smaller, easier to maintain and lower total lifetime cost superconducting devices in comparison to competing technologies. HTS-110 leverages these advantages, along with extensive know-how and system modelling capabilities, in an expanding range of leading-edge applications including specialist HTS magnets for X-ray and neutron beamline sample environments, NMR/MRI, and in HTS wire characterisation itself.

  • Custom HTS Magnets

    Custom magnet design and manufacture draws on HTS-110’s deep experience with HTS solutions to meet real-world demands.

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  • Neutron Scattering

    Neutron scattering has become an indispensable tool for probing the microscopic structure and dynamics over a broad range of length and time scales in quantum and magnetic materials.

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    The HTS-NMR magnet platform provides unrivalled performance for cryogen-free high-resolution NMR spectroscopy in the 200MHz-800MHz range.

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  • SuperCurrent

    The SuperCurrent system provides automated measurement of superconductor critical current as a function of magnetic field, angle, and temperature.

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  • X-Ray

    X-ray is a powerful tool for the study of bulk and nanostructured magnetic materials used in a range of consumer products, from electric cars and cellular phones to magnetic recording disks and spintronic devices.

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