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The SuperCurrent system provides automated measurement of superconductor critical current as a function of magnetic field, angle, and temperature.

Designed from the ground up for automated measurement of critical current, Ic, in HTS superconducting wires, the SuperCurrent system delivers detailed electrical transport data over wide field and temperature ranges. This wire property information is indispensable to superconducting machine design and wire manufacture.

Wide measurement range

Wide measurement range

Designed specifically for HTS conductor assessment, SuperCurrent features a wide measurement range for temperature, field, field-angle, and current, ultilising patent-pending technology developed with the Robinson Research Institute of the Victoria University of Wellington.

  • 5, 8, and 12 T split-pair magnet options, featuring low fringe-field
  • Sample cooling to 15 K using dedicated He gas circulation system
  • Transport current to over 1600 A
  • Sample rotation 0-360°
  • No liquid cryogens
  • Turn-key system
High-throughput, high-quality data

High-throughput, high-quality data

The SuperCurrent measurement system is the tool utilised for the widely recognized Robinson Research Institute HTS wire database, available on the Victory University website

High-throughput, high-fidelity data collection arises from:

  • Rapid sample exchange and cooling
  • A complete software package providing Ic measurement automation and analysis, allowing unattended high-resolution data collection
  • Flexibility in measurement:
    • Ic(T,B,θ ) n-value
    • R(T)
    • 1G, 2G, MgB2

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