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Bringing a cryogen-free 400 MHz HTS NMR spectrometer into a chemistry lab, a discussion with Maria Silva Elipe

An interview with Maria Silva Elipe regarding an HTS-110 designed and manufactured 400 MHz liquid cryogen-free magnet and its use in Maria’s chemistry laboratory.


At Metrolab, we have been following the leading-edge work of Dr. Maria Silva Elipe to bring a high-frequency NMR spectrometer into her chemistry laboratory. We are delighted she took time out of her busy schedule to discuss why she wanted to do this in the first place and how she carried out the validation of this novel instrument.

Only a NMR spectrometer free of liquid cryogen could fit inside a chemistry lab. This instrument was built in collaboration with HTS-110 and Bruker Biospin. HTS-110 designed and manufactured the 400 MHz liquid cryogen-free magnet. Metrolab developed a novel generation of magnetic field camera to map the magnet and enable HTS-110 to shim it. Donald Pooke, CEO @ HTS-110, also provides some insights on these aspects.

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