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The HTS-NMR magnet platform provides unrivalled performance for cryogen-free high-resolution NMR spectroscopy in the 200MHz-800MHz range.

With complete absence of liquid cryogens and a high tolerance to vibration, plus a compact footprint and low fringe field, HTS-NMR magnets are ideal for in-lab reaction monitoring and remote or mobile laboratories, research and teaching laboratories. HTS-NMR magnets can be used for in-line chemical reaction monitoring, delivering crucial information on reaction pathways and kinetics, enabling process control and quality assurance in a diverse range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to biofuels and fine chemicals. Field-proven performance and reliability.

Unique operational advantages

Unique operational advantages

  • Turn on and off as required – allowing safe plant monitoring and maintenance, NMR service engineer not required.
  • With no liquid cryogens there are no costs associated with cryogen refills and monitoring during vacation periods.
  • Vibration tolerant magnet construction eliminates expensive room preparation; the magnet can be on a mobile cart for easy relocation – enabling movement between experiments to different plant sectors, or for use directly in a fume cupboard or mobile laboratory.
Magnet features

Magnet features

  • 200 and 400 MHz (1H NMR) models available now
  • Standard interfaces for NMR sample handling and measurement equipment from leading suppliers
  • Passively shimmed to within 5 ppm uniformity over the sample zone, sufficient for standard electric shim sets
  • 54 mm room temperature bore for standard electric shim sets and sample probes
  • Actively driven with high stability power supply, working in combination with standard NMR field lock

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