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LM Optical Short Solenoid

LM Optical Short Solenoid

HTS-110 offers a range of powerful yet compact magnetic solutions ideal for optical surface characterization and analysis. The LM optical short solenoid magnets have impressively large bore diameter-to-height ratios for the field strengths available, giving unrivalled optical access to a sample sited at the magnetic mid-plane.


For example the LM-53-2T short solenoid (53 mm bore, 2 T field strength) has a height of only 65 mm, providing optical access angles of over ±39° at the geometric centre; the equivalent 1 T model is only 45 mm in height, yielding access angles of almost ±50°.

Like all HTS-110 magnets, the LM short solenoids are very easy to site and simple to operate; they can be oriented in any direction, with mounting feet for horizontal bore operation available as an option. The high operating temperature of these superconducting magnets provides for fast cooldown, excellent thermal stability, and rapid ramping providing faster throughput of samples and faster analysis of samples that require variable field.

Employing a partial iron circuit, the LM series also feature low fringe fields, giving the researcher more space to operate with sensitive equipment

Ideal for use with microscopes and on optical benches, these cryogen-free magnets also feature ice-free terminals so there is no danger of water dripping onto surrounding equipment.

Protection electronics ensuring safe, quench-free operation of the magnet are provided as standard with all the LM series.

HTS-110’s LM range is suitable for numerous applications, including:

  • Magneto-optic effect measurements
  • Magnetic domain imaging
  • Magnetic scattering
  • Magnetic circular/linear dichroism
  • Hysteresis loop plotting
  • Scanning probe microscopy (SPM)
  • Electron microscopy
  • Hall effect measurements

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