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Magnet Technology 28

September 2023
Aix-en-Provence, France

Magnet Technology 28

HTS-110 is delighted to be exhibiting at the MT-28 International Magnet Technology conference in Aix-en-Provence, France, from 10-15 September 2023. This is the first in-person MT conference for four years and is the second to have the ITER Organization acting as the lead host. It promises to be an exciting meeting, covering a broad range of magnet applications and technologies. Donald Pooke, CEO, and Taotao Huang, Principal Magnet Designer, will be attending, and will be very pleased to introduce you to our High-Tc magnet products and components, including the popular CryoSaver™ current lead range, the series of compact, fast-ramping magnets up to 20 T, through to the highly regarded SuperCurrent measurement system for characterisation of the critical current of HTS conductors. Featuring automated measurement to over 1500 A and fields up to 12 T, this high-productivity tool benefits from over a decade of development and refinement.

Please drop by our booth to find out how an HTS solution can fit your requirements; HTS‑110 is always open to assisting with custom system design and manufacture, from coils through to fully integrated magnets, allowing you to cut your project development time.

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