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Join us at ICM-2024 to talk high-Tc magnetism

30 June - 5 July, 2024
Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi (Bologna Congress Center), Bologna, Italy

ICM 2024 - Official Information

HTS-110 is thrilled to participate in the 22nd International Conference on Magnetism (ICM2024). We invite you to join us for in-depth discussions on the latest in compact high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet systems.

On display will be a model PF-2G, our second-generation projected field benchtop magnet. PF-2G provides unparalleled sample access, operates on a standard electrical outlet, and requires 10x less power cooling, setting a new standard in the field. In addition to our new 2T Projected Field Magnet model, we are able to discuss or speak to a wide array of research areas, technical challenges, and industrial applications. With a track record of commercial success in MOKE magnets, magnetic industry tooling, and custom research magnets, we are well-equipped to contribute to the advancement of your projects.

ICM2024 is the largest conference of the magnetism community worldwide and is associated with IUPAP. Covering the entire area of magnetism, from fundamental research to advanced applications, ICM2024 is a pivotal event for scientists from all over the world. The conference in Bologna, a city renowned for its rich history and culinary delights, promises to be an exceptional gathering of the magnetism community.

Bologna’s vibrant atmosphere and historical heritage, alongside the cutting-edge scientific program prepared by our program chairs, Tiina Salmi and Hélène Felice, make ICM2024 a must-attend event. The conference will also feature the ELEVATE program, led by Anna Fox, offering growth opportunities in both technical and professional skills.

We look forward to welcoming you to ICM2024 in Bologna.

HTS-110 has been manufacturing and delivering high Tc superconducting magnets and systems since 2004. You can access a range of commercially proven superconducting products including compact fast-ramping HTS magnets, CryoForge™ HTS coils, CryoSaver™ HTS current leads, and custom magnets or systems.
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