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CryoSaver™ Current Leads

CryoSaver™ Current Leads

With over a thousand current leads in the field, the CryoSaver™ high temperature superconducting (HTS) current leads have demonstrated outstanding, time-tested performance for more than a decade. CryoSaver™ leads outperform competing solutions with unsurpassed build quality, mechanical strength, and performance.


Current leads for cryogenic applications are designed to transmit large currents from room temperature to the very low temperatures of superconducting coils. They are used in applications such as NMR and MRI magnets, beamline magnets and driven (non-persistent) magnets.
Current leads that are good electrical conductors are also good conductors of heat, but for cryogenic applications, current leads must minimise heat in-leak whilst safely carrying the design current. Liquid-helium cooled superconducting magnets typically achieve this by using vapour-cooled leads.

For cryogen-free LTS and HTS magnets however the benefit of HTS current leads is a dramatic reduction in thermal conduction and the elimination of resistive heating over the HTS section of the lead. Compared to copper, HTS offers a reduction in heat conduction by a factor of 10 and in large installations the benefit of HTS current leads has been estimated at approximately 20% of the total thermal budget.
Leads are available in a number of formats: Standard and short leads, Ballasted leads, Customisation and Sapphire Heat Sink Kits, view model and technical specifications

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