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CryoForge™ Coils

CryoForge™ Coils

The team at HTS-110 has been manufacturing and supplying commercial HTS coils for over a decade. We have produced hundreds of coils for a large number of clients and a wide variety of applications such as propulsion motors (ship, rail), electricity generation and for general experimentation and prototype development.


HTS-110 can provide unique expertise at the design stage, maximising the integrity and performance of the resulting product. Alternatively HTS-110 can manufacture coils to client-supplied drawings. We routinely use BSCCO and YBCO.

All HTS wire is analysed by HTS-110’s own high-resolution defect detection system, to guarantee wire performance and to optimise wire utilisation in the coil.

Coils can be wound as double or single disc pancakes and in circular or race track shapes. HTS-110 also has the capability to manufacture coils with a reverse (sagittal) bend. HTS wire can be co-wound with insulation as well as metallic tapes to improve its mechanical properties.

The wound coils can be encapsulated using a variety of resin systems suitable for cryogenic operation, including HTS-110’s own resin formulation or one specified by the client. Completed coils can have voltage taps attached and then undergo measurement tests from 20 K – 77 K.

The finished coils can be supplied with or without current input terminals attached. We are also able to integrate cooling plates and interconnections between coils to form a complete coil-pack sub assembly.

We call this coil production process CryoForge™, your guarantee of high-quality, high-performance HTS coils.

HTS-110 offers a standard coil assembly range, bringing cost and delivery efficiencies for customers pursuing product development or technology demonstration projects.

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