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LN2 Cooled Short Solenoid

LN2 Cooled Short Solenoid

Adapted from our popular LM optical short-solenoids, the LN series brings a low-cost alternative to the researcher where a local liquid nitrogen (“LN2”) supply is available.


Two models feature HTS coil systems providing 1 T field strengths in 38 and 80 mm bores, with coil cryogenic operating temperatures achieved with a LN2 flow drawn from a standard unpressurised liquid nitrogen dewar. The flow circuit connects to the magnet body via a flexible bellows, offering ease of magnet siting and very low vibration levels in operation. The LN2 flow is maintained by a small rotary pump, which also provides initial system vacuum so no other vacuum pumping station is required. Cool-down is fast (under 5 h for the LN40) and the LN2 consumption is low (<0.5 lph).

Features shared with the LM short solenoids include the very low profile and excellent optical access angles, low fringe field through use of a partial iron circuit for the cryostat, ability to operate at any angle, and active magnet protection electronics.

  • Very compact low profile magnets, excellent sample access
  • Operate in any orientation
  • Fast cool-down and fast to ramp
  • Liquid nitrogen consumption < 0.5 lph

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