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Visit us at the APS March Meeting in Nevada

March 5-10 2023
Caesars Forum Convention Center, Las Vegas

APS March Meeting - Conference Schedule

Meet us at booth 834 to discuss High-temperature superconducting magnet systems for accelerators, MRI, and other applications.

The March meeting is the largest annual gathering of physicists in the world. Dr Donald Pooke (CEO) and Nathan Yates (Mechanical Design Engineer) will be available for you to meet with. You can discuss any of our “standard” products or custom system design and manufacture, from coils through to fully integrated magnets. HTS-110 is based in New Zealand, and since its inception 2004 has been at the forefront of global innovation in applied HTS products.

Following the Las Vegas conference is a virtual conference that runs from March 20-22.

If you are looking at superconducting magnets for integration with optical, neutron and particle beam experiments we are especially keen to talk with you. Our HTS superconducting magnets offer unique benefits including:

  • Cryogen free
  • Large optical access
  • Compact design
  • Fast ramping
  • Low fringe field
  • Neutron polarisation analysis (using symmetric split-pair)
  • Split-pair magnets with fields up to 12 tesla or more
  • Available with room temperature or a cold bore
  • Shielding to minimise fringe fields can be passive or active
  • Large room temperature apertures with no material in neutron beams to cause scattering background

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